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Florence Howard Elementary School is a part of the Mobile County Public School System. Constructed in 1998, it is located on the historic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and named for the locally renowned educator, Ms. Florence Howard.  Howard is located directly behind Bishop State Community College. Florence Howard's administrative staff consists of Mrs. Michelle Manzy, Principal.  Currently there are more than four hundred students attending the school.


Florence Howard Elementary School's mission is to provide each student with a high quality education which guarantees competent, self-assured, life-long learners.  This will be attained through the efforts of motivated students, caring parents, an involved community, and a proficient staff working together to create a safe and orderly learning environment with high expectations. 



Florence Howard Elementary School will prepare students for College and Career Readiness through rigorous teaching and learning. 


“Hungry for Knowledge, Wild for Success”

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